What is a Collection by Slate & Guild?

Collections are all-inclusive packages of home furnishings and decor that are curated to fit the size and needs of an apartment.


Where is Slate & Guild available? Where do you deliver?

Slate & Guild Collections are available for purchase within the 48 contiguous states and Washington, D.C. For the time being, delivery & assembly services are available only in the greater New York City metro area.


What is included in a Collection?

Collections differ based on the designation and apartment size. In general, Collections feature:

Sleeping | queen-size bed, mattress, bedside tables (2x), lamps (2x)

Living | couch, coffee table, side table/console, floor lamp

Dining | table, chairs (2x)

Accents | rug, artwork, throw pillow, blanket

Collection prices are inclusive of the featured furnishing selections in addition to delivery & assembly.

Supplemental products are also available, each with an additional price. These include kitchenware, flatware, cutlery, cooking ware and kitchen appliances.


How do I customize a Collection?

Each Collection is composed of a series of product types, such as master bed, living room couch, dining room chairs. Most categories offer three options; clients can select their preference. Collections are offered at "prix-fixe" prices; regardless of the selected preference, the Collection price remains the same.


How does delivery & assembly work?

Delivery & assembly is included. Our furniture delivery team is composed of strong giants and tasteful decorators. They will carry furniture into apartments, assemble furniture, hang artwork, place kitchenware and remove moving garbage.

For clients outside of the New York metro area, delivery & assembly services are not available. Instead, curbside delivery of Collections will be scheduled with the client.


Which types of Collections are available today?

Collections are available in two designations:

Elemental - the perfect compilation of home furnishings for an introductory home.

Luxe - the premium selection of materials and stylings for a discerning residence.

The two designation are available for studio apartments and one-bedroom apartments.


Where does Slate & Guild source its furniture?

We go directly to the furniture manufacturers that supply retailers such as Room & Board and Crate & Barrel. These furniture makers produce stylish and durable furnishings, and maintain a reputation of on-time delivery.


Can I remove an item from a Collection if I already own something or do not want it?

Collections are curated to be all-inclusive and comprehensive. If you would prefer not to have an item delivered, please specify that at check-out. Please note that the Collection price will remain unchanged.


Will you expand the types of Collections you offer?

We are always exploring the addition of new Collections, including new design styles and apartment sizes. Join the Slate & Guild mailing list to learn about new introductions.


What does the name "Slate & Guild" mean?

Slate is a fine-grained, foliated metamorphic rock that is beloved in contemporary interior design due to its durability and elegance. It is also associated with the term "clean slate," which aligns with our mission to help our clients start afresh, without regard to the past, free of restrictions and commitments.

A guild is a medieval cooperative of craftsmen or artisans that guaranteed a high standard quality of its products. We envision ourselves as a modern-day collective of specialists dedicated to the craft.